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Mission Statement  -  The creation of an environment bringing retail and on premise together; a place to relax while enjoying a glass of fine wine or beer and taste something new accompanied by fine gourmet cheese and food. To provide a shopping experience to take home old favorites or recent discoveries at all price points.

Wine – Retail Shelves Bottle Selection           Any bottle of wine from our retail shelves may be chosen to be served at your table.  The charge  is $7 added to the sticker price on any bottle. 

Bottle Beer to go– Retail Shelves Selection-Pick any single beers, mix up a 6 pack (or any number) to take home – all at state minimum prices!

Smoking Policy - Riverside Wine is a smoke free environment – inside and outside – therefore, we ask you to use the porch on the front of the house next door for cigarette smoking – there are benches and ashtrays on the covered porch for your enjoyment.  Our license does not allow alcoholic beverages next door. Thank you.


Desserts - Coffee – Pop

Gourmet Desserts 


Delicious Cakes and Cheesecake        $6

        (ask for today’s features)

Flavorful Gluten Free Cheesecake      $6.50

Chocolate Lava Cake           $6

Warm cake, drizzled with chocolate syrup

Irish Cream Coffee                $6

Gourmet Coffee (regular or decaf), Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquor, whipped cream

Gourmet Coffee/Tea         $2.50/serving

 ($2.50 per refill)

Fresh brewed per cup

Hot Gourmet Coffee or Tea

Unsweetened Iced Tea

S. Pellegrino Italy

Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

1 liter bottle                                   $5

Single Serving bottle                     $2.50

Coke – Diet Coke - Sprite – 7Up      $2

Gourmet Cheese Plates   - $15 each

Portioned to Share - A generous wedge of Gourmet Cheese (1 choice) - Slices of Gourmet Salami or Pepperoni - Fresh Fruit and Crackers

Chevrion Goat

A delicious, creamy cheese made from Goat’s Milk.  Flavorful with a to-die-for texture!  Very soft, molded into a log, phenomenal with wine, especially Sauvignon Blanc and most Red Wines.


This sweet and nutty flavor Swiss Cheese goes well with any wine or ale of your choice.  Red wine accentuates its sweet, nutty flavor.


Produced in Central Spain’s LaMancha Region, a rich, nutty flavor, firm cheese full of zesty and exuberant flavor, its texture is firm but not dry.  Great with Kalamata Olives – so we’ve added them to this plate!  Try it with a Port, Zinfandel, or a dry sparkling wine to bring out its earthy qualities.


For those who enjoy a mild and mellow creamy cheese.  Pairs well with salami, fruit and bread, Merlot Red Wine or Sauvignon Blanc white wine.


This domestic cheese is aged over 2 months; a distinctively sweet and creamy, smooth cheese with a hint of sharpness.  A nice pairing with fruit, crackers, and Red Wine.

Extra Sharp Cheddar

A rich, tangy cheddar, full of flavor, pairs well with salads, soups, good ales or hearty Red Wine.

Blue Cheese

This extra creamy imported Dutch Blue cheese pairs well with wine, especially full bodied red wines, big zinfandels, dry white wines, and Stout or Porter Beer.


Imported from Holland, pleasantly mild yet uniquely intense, semi-sweet cheese.  Pairs well with bread and wine, especially white wine, also great with lagers.

Smoked Gouda

Lightly smoked domestic Gouda Cheese.  Always a great alternative to pair with wine or beer.

Seriously Sharp White Cheddar

A rich, very sharp white cheddar, great with any beer or wine!

Asiago Rosemary

Asiago enhanced with hand-rubbed flavors of Rosemary and imported Italian Olive Oil.  Great with Porters, IPAs, Italian Red Wines or any Bold Red Wine.

Parmesan Raspberry

Features the unique Parmesan flavor and a creamy texture, soaked in Raspberry tart Ale to bring ou the fruity notes of the cheese, great with Raspberry Lambic Framboise, dry Riesling, Italian Red Wine or any Bold Red Wine.

Parmesan Merlot

Soaked in fine Merlot wine for hints of berry and plum, a unique parmesan flavor with a creamy texture, try this cheese with Pilsner, Merlot or Pinot Noir Red Wines.                                                                            


More Cheese Possibilities

“Pick Two”  Cheese Plate                        $15

Choose any 2 cheeses from the cheese list on the right – served with

fresh fruit and crackers

Cheese and Crackers Plate                       $9

Choose any cheese - served with crackers

Cheese and Meat Plate                                             $11

Choose one cheese – includes your choice of

salami or pepperoni

Cheese, Crackers, and Meat Plate          $12

Choose one cheese – includes crackers and

your choice of salami or pepperoni

Cheese Medley                                                              $15

A medley of four scrumptious cheeses

Includes  fresh fruit and crackers –

 Creamy Harvarti, Chevrion Goat, Extra Sharp Cheddar and Manchego cheeses

Warm Brie Wedge                                        $15

Delicious Imported Creamy Brie topped with

 sliced almonds,  includes  a loaf of French Bread and grapes.

Asiago and Artichoke Spread                   $13

Rich and creamy spread, served warm

with crackers and grapes

                  Specialty Plates

Tortilla Chips                                               $9

A large bowl of chips with salsa & warm queso

Warm French Bread                                 $8

A loaf of French bread served warm

with grapes and a blend of Extra Virgin

Olive Oil, a hint of Balsamic Vinegar and Italian

Spices for dipping

Mediterranean Hummus                          $15

A large portion of Hummus served with grapes and warm mini wheat pitas for dipping

Your Choice: Original with Pine Nuts

                         Roasted Red Pepper

                         Garlic Lovers

                         Supremely Spicy



Smoked Gouda                      Blue Cheese

Manchego                              Seriously Sharp

Extra Sharp Cheddar                     White Cheddar

Havarti                                       Parmesan Merlot

Fontinella                                  Asiago Rosemary

Jarlsberg                                  Parmesan Raspberry


Mixed Greens Salad                                   $11

Topped with grapes, dried cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese, served with French bread

Your Choice: Garlic Expressions dressing

                        Raspberry Cabernet dressing


Rotini & Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad   $12

Parmesan cheese, Pesto Parmesan vinaigrette with grapes


Pesto Rigatoni Pasta Salad                          $12

Basil pesto, crumbled feta cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, onions with grapes


Sicilian Pasta Salad                                         $12

Bocconcini pasta, feta, black olives, spicy red peppers, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette with grapes


A large bowl of gourmet soup with French bread or crackers                                       $7


Smoked Salmon                                        $15

Served chilled with crackers, capers, onions, tomato slices,  creamed cheese

Your Choice: Traditional or Cracked Pepper Salmon

                  Ala Carte

Cheese                                         $7.00

Crackers                                       $3.50

Salami Slices                    ½ stick  $5

                                           Full stick  $9

Pepperoni Slices             ½ stick  $4

                                     Full stick       $6

Fruit –grapes & apples               $6


Crispy Pretzel Thins Bowl          $4

Your Choice:  Original

                           Garlic               Buffalo

                          Everything      Parmesan



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