Wine List

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White Wine List

Chardonnay                                   Glass Bottle

Frei Brothers  Russian River Calif        7.50     25   

Sweet aromas of toasted oak and butter, balanced by flavors of ripe green apple & delectable apple pie, rich nutty flavors lead to a silky finish


Mer Soleil  Silver unoaked  Calif    8.00     28

Bright, fresh fruit characters

J. Lohr Riverstone  Monterey Calif   6.50    20

Tropical & stone fruit flavors, toasted vanilla bouquet, oak barrel fermentation & maturation


Backhouse  Calif                            5.00      17

Toasty vanilla oak on the nose with notes of juicy pear & carmelized apple with a crisp, clean finish

Rombauer Carneros Calif             12.50     47

Dry, rich, oak aged, seamless, textured layers of

Cantaloupe, pineapple & vanilla flood the palate

Sauvignon Blanc

Charles Krug Napa California          7.50     25    

Opens with enticing aromas of passionfruit, lime & a hint of lemongrass.  Flavors of melon, citrus & grapefruit perfectly complement a crisp & bright acidity


Kunde Magnolia Lane Sonoma Calif  6.50     20

Vibrant with a fresh mineral quality,aromas of mango & guava with subtle flavors of white peach & grapefruit

Matua New Zealand                        6.75      21

Crisp, clean , slightly citrus    



Bartenura Moscato Italy                6.75       22

Crisp, refreshing, semi-sweet

Aurora Moscato Italy                      7.00      23

A fresh aroma with touches of peaches & apricots, a refreshingly sweet taste with a clean crisp finish


Debonne Grand River Riesling Ohio    6.00      18

Semisweet, nice balance of sweetness & acidity, peach, apricot & floral aromas & flavors

Selbach Kabinett Germany           6.25      19

Honeysuckle, white peach, drier side Riesling

White Blends                                Glass  Bottle

Borealis  Willamette Valley Oregon  6.75    22

Made with organic grapes and Biodynamic processing by Montinore Estate -36% Muller-Thurgau, 30% Rieling, 20%

Gewurztraminer, 14% Pinot Gris -Aromatic blend of bold fruit & vivid flavors, balanced by a clean, bright finish

New Age Blend Argentina              6.00      18

90% Torrontes, 10% Sauvignon Blanc

Slightly effervescent, semi-sweet, refreshing

Pinot Grigio 

Luna California                              6.50       20

Grapefruit and pear aromas, flavors of orange fruits and mango, hints of lmon & apricot on the finish


Kris Italy                                        6.75        22

Unique floral & spicy notes, lean & refreshing on the palate with hints of blossom & honey


Breitenbach First Crush Rose         6.00      18

Delightfully sweet but slightly tart

Debonne Grand River Riesling        6.00     18

Semisweet, nice balance of sweetness & acidity, peach, apricot & floral aromas & flavors

Ferrante Golden Bunches Riesling  7.00     23

Aromas & flavors of peach and citrus, off-dry long finish


White Sangria-Aromas de Turis

 Sweet, fruity, refreshing (over ice w/fruit)  6.00     18

White Zinfandel /Rose

Pink Truck White Zinfandel Calif      6.75     21

A Blend of Mourvedre & Zinfandel

Off sweet, medium body, soft tannins, the balance between sweetness & dryness  is fairly even, perhaps just a little on the sweet side

Breitenbach First Crush Rose’ Ohio  6.00     18

Delightfully sweet but slightly tart


Red Wine List

Cabernet Sauvignon                       Glass   Bottle

Simi – Alexander Valley Calif              8.00        28

Toasty oak notes, compelling flavors of cassis, cherry & blackberry, medium-full bodied, balanced acidity, soft tannins

Leese – Fitch Sonoma Calif                7.25        24

Smooth, well-balanced, raspberry, black cherry & dark chocolate notes

Millbrandt Vineyards –Washington      7.00        23

Smooth, rich wine, classic aromas of ripe plum, blackberry & notes of mint. Dark cherry & mocha flavors, gentle tannins, lush finish

Ray’s Station  North Coast Calif          6.50        20

Intense, bold & full of character, Mendocino is California’s most remote & northernmost wine region

Smith & Hook Central Coast Calif        8.50       29

Bold aromas of blackberry & black cherry, hints of spicy cloves, a dryness that complements its lush flavors

Seventy Five California                          8.50       29

Ripe flavors of cassis & blackberry intermingled with sandlewood & clove, well-balanced

J. Lohr Paso Robles Calif                      6.50        20

Ripe fruit aromas of black plum, blueberry & cherry with aromas of toasted pastry, anise & vanilla from oak barrel aging, soft finish

Backhouse California                           5.00        17

Flavors of black currant, rich & robust

Pinot Noir

Montinore Estate Oregon                   8.00       28

Biodynamic, organic, black cherry, black plum,

Vanilla, tar, smoke, bittersweet chocolate

Joseph Drouhin Laforet –Burgundy      7.75       27

Elegance, fruitiness, spiciness, soft tannins         

Red Zinfandel

XYZ  Zin  Zinfandel Old Vine Sonoma Calif 6.75     21

Rich, concentrated flavors of cherry, plum, raspberry & spice, medium bodied bursting with bold fruit flavors & hints of oak

Coppola Director’s Cut Sonoma          8.00      28

Concentrated flavors of fruit jam, chocolate & vanilla, small amounts  of petite sirah are added to create a sturdier structure & more complexity

Merlot                                                               Glass    Bottle                                             Irony Merlot – Monterey Calif            6.75        22

Made from small lots, aromas of cherry & hints of vanilla, flavors of blackberry, licorice & sweet oak

Syrah – Petite Sirah   Hand Craft Petite Sirah Calif               6.25        19

This blend of 82% Petite Sirah, 7% Petit Verdot, 5% Sangiovese, 3% Syrah and 3% Zinfandel bursts with ripe, juicy,  jammy cherries, crushed pepper & spices,  in a full bodied wine.

For Sipping            Graham’ s Six Grapes Port                           8.50        29

Reserve Ruby port of Portugal, seductive rich aromas of ripe plums, cherries & dark chocolate notes, very full-bodied with a lingering finish, as a dessert or pair with chocolate

Red Blends             Lock & Key Meritage Red Blend Calif   6.75       21

Dark fruit flavors, silky-smooth tannins, a premium Bordeaux-style red blend, artfully combines Cab Sauv, Merlot & Cab Franc

Troublemaker Red Blend – Calif          7.50         25

Syrah, Grenache, Petite Sirah, Mourvedre

Intensely rich, velvety smooth, sneaky good

Milestone Red Blend – Calif                6.00         18

Fruit forward, full-bodied

Blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, Merlot, Petite Sirah                                   


Chateau Du Mont Carlau Bordeaux    6.50         21 50% Cabernet 50% Merlot   smooth, dry Bordeaux            

Italy             Banfi Chianti Superiore                        6.25          19

Flavors of violets, red berries, cherry & plum, smooth & satisfying

Argentina           Santa Julia Malbec                               6.00          18

Sustainably farmed grapes, full-bodied, cherry & plum flavors

Piedra Negra Malbec                        7.00           23

Full bodied, smooth

Spain                     Ergo Rioja Tempranillo/Garnacha        6.50          20

An expressive, complex blend, fruit forward flavors of fresh berry & plums, layered hints of spice

Red Sangria-Aromas de Turis (over ice w/fruit) 6.00    18

Sweet, fruity, refreshing

Ohio                        Grand River Winehound Red              6.00         18

A Semi-Sweet red wine made from Concord Grapes

Breitenbach Roadhouse Red               6.25         19

A classic semi-sweet red wine

Red Wines by the Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon                             Bottle

Simi Alexander Valley Calif                       $28

Leese-Fitch Sonoma Calif                             24

Millbrandt Vineyards Washington            23

Ray’s Station North Coast Monterey Calif       20

Smith & Hook Central Coast Calif               29

Seventy Five California                                  29

Backhouse California                                      17

Buehler Cabernet Napa Calif                       30

Twenty Bench Napa Calif                              30

J. Lohr Paso Robles Calif                                                20

Pinot Noir

Montinore Estate Oregon                            28

Joseph Drouhin Laforet Burgundy France   27

Lucky Star Calif                                                  18

Willamette Valley Oregon                            36

Row Eleven Calif                                               28

Red Zinfandel

XYZ Zin Zinfandel Old Vine Sonoma Calif     21

Coppolas Director’s Cut Sonoma               28

7 Deadly Zins Lodi                                            24          

Cline Zin Sonoma                                            17           

Klinker Brick Old Vine Lodi                            26


Irony Merlot Monterey Calif                       22

Red Rock Merlot Calif                                     18

Columbia Crest Merlot Wash                      21


HandCraft Petite Sirah Calif                         19

Petit Petite Petite Sirah Lodi Calif                    24          

9 Stones Shiraz Australia                                    24          

Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz Australia                   26          

Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz S. Africa                            20


Banfi Chianti Superiore                                  19

Farnese Montepluciano D’Abruzzo          18

Antonio Sanguineti Super Tuscan             26

Dimajo Norante Sangiovese                       21

Poggio Vignoso Chianti                                 22


Santa Julia Malbec                                           18

Piedra Negra Malbec                                      23

Amancaya Cabernet Malbec                      32

Diseno Malbec                                                 22    

Colores Del Sol Malbec                                 21

Estimulo Malbec                                              18


Viking Vineyard Red Kiss                              24

Viking Vineyard Northern Lights semi-sweet          22   

Grand River Winehound Red                            18

Breitenbach Roadhouse Red                             19   


Ergo Rioja Tempranillo/Garnacha              20

Red Sangria Aromas de Turis                       18


Red Blends

Lock & Key Meritage Calif                             21

Troublemaker Calif                                          25

Milestone Calif                                                  18

Amancaya Cabernet Malbec Argentina  32

Chateau Du Mont Carlau Bordeaux          21


Graham’s Six Grapes Port Portugal           29

White Wines by the Bottle


     Frei Brothers Russian River Calif                                       25

Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Calif                         28

J. Lohr Riverstone Monterey Calf                     20

Backhouse Calif                                                                      17

Rombauer Carneros Calif                                     47

Franciscan Oakville Estate Napa Calif (oak)    22

Wente Morning Fog San Francisco                   21

Macon Lugny France                                             26


Noble House Germany                                          21

Debonne Grand River Ohio                                 18

Selbach Kabinett Germany                                19

Ferrante Golden Bunches Ohio                       23


White Sangria Aromas de Turis                 18

Sauvignon Blanc

Charles Krug Napa Calif                                         25

Kunde Magnolia Lane Sonoma Calif                 20

Matua New Zealand                                               21

Girard Napa Calif                                                      26


Bartenura Moscato Italy                                       22

Aurora Moscato Italy                                              23

Pinot Grigio

Vendi Veneto Italy                                                   19

Luna Calif                                                                     20

Kris Italy                                                                       22

White Blends

Borealis Willamette Valley Oregon                   22

New Age Argentina                                                18

Conundrum Secret Grape Blend Calif              29

White Zinfandel – Rose’

Pink Truck White Zinfandel Calif                                        21

Breitenbach First Crush Rose’                             18


Breitenbach First Crush Rose                             18

Debonne Grand River Riesling                             18

Ferranted Golden Bunches Riesling                  23

     Bubbly – Champagne

     Sophia Blanc de Blanc Calif (single serving)           8

       Veuve Clicquot 100% Champagne France         67

Banfi Rosa Regale Italy  Single Serving                12

                                          two servings      375 ml        21

Cristalino Cava Brut Spain  (single serving)          8

                                                                 750 ml     18

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